Saturday, 28 April 2012

So What's Stopping Me Then?

Somehow a part of me, a large part of me, was procrastinating like crazy about starting my treatment. I'm pretty sure it was the usual doubt about my ability to do it on my own and the usual forsaking the man to do it with. Once I embarked on IVF there was no going back and it's a very scary thing. All I could do was wait, live life and hope that I'd feel ready at some point soon. Time really isn't on my side and each month I delayed was another month's deterioration in quality and amount of eggs I could produce. However I decided to wait a period and see how I feel then. A friend visited me from Qatar and encouraged me to go and visit her. It didn't take me long to be seduced by the idea of a week in the sun and hopefully my last exotic adventure for a while. I booked my flight for a few weeks time on a bit of a whim but decided that the break may help me clear my head so that I could come home with more perspective and hopefully feel ready to commence treatment.
I had a great week away, just to be in the sunshine was fabulous, let alone being with a lovely friend who has been incredibly supportive about what I'm doing. It was a healthy holiday which enabled me to continue most of my fertility habits I had developed lately: most mornings I was the only person swimming in the pool, not drinking alcohol was easy out there as practically the whole country is dry and my pal had left her yoga mat out so I could practise a few of my fertility positions daily.

I came home refreshed, content and ready to start treatment on my next cycle.

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