Saturday, 14 April 2012


Prior to the consultation I had been for every test I needed so that I could turn up to my consultation with all the information my consultant required. This proved laborious. It involved an MOT at my local GUM clinic and several blood tests, some on specific days of my menstrual cycle – I was beginning to learn how important and amazing a woman's menstrual cycle is. Having been on the pill for almost 20 years this was all a new world to me: ovulating kits, thermometers, mittelschmerz, mucous, sticks to pee on- there's even a website called www.peeonastick I'd heard it all now. Around my ovulation I also felt incredibly horny (should have come off the pill years ago!) which increased my utter respect for our perfectly designed anatomies. We really are programmed to feel sexy just when we need to be.

My AMH blood test (gives a reading of the ovarian reserve you have left) result was very low:1.16 (the range is from 0-35) and I had been devastated by the result. However a chat with a nurse at the London clinic's open day had relieved my fears “A low AMH is not the end of the world, just gives us information which we can use to decide which drugs to give you. We can compensate for your lack of AMH with drugs. We had a woman who had a baby with an AMH of 0.something. ...And anyway it only takes one egg to make a baby.”

I have since learnt that there is always “a woman who got pregnant even though ...” it could be her age, her low AMH count or her partner with a low sperm count, there's always someone who can be a held high as a ray of hope when the news isn't good.

I held onto what the nurse had said which meant I threw myself into Christmas whole heartedly and had a lovely time with my recently adopted adorable nieces and nephew, brother and sister in law in their new family home.

A friend had a wild New Year's eve party which was great and then I was back to my healthy preparation regime. Only a few days to my initial consultation, I couldn't wait...

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